Tattoos by Ben

Ben Clark, originally from Christchurch, New Zealand, stepped out of his front door a little while ago and accidentally ended up in Camden – much to our advantage 🙂 Ben specialises in colourful Neo-Traditional pieces. He is also an avid football fan, sushi enthusiast and Pokemon lover.

INSTAGRAM: @benclarktattoos

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TattoistBen pizza-slice-with-mushroom-and-olives ghost-rat burning-matchstick black-cat-birdskull-necklace ben-7 animal-sleeve-in-progress animal-sleeve-in-progress-2 London pigeon copic markers drawing Ben clark Tattoos (2) neotrad newzeland waxeye bird fern frond neotrad skull and peony with candle details neotrad cardinal bird work in progress  neotrad raven and rose neotrad snowflake flower neotrad owl chest neotrad wolf head with smoke  neotrad indian lady mask hand neotrad heart with flame fillup neotrad crystalball zombie zombiehands healed japanese sleeve Ben clark Tattoos (18) Ben clark Tattoos (13) Ben clark Tattoos (1) copic marker rose drawing