So Many Guest Artists!

We feel extremely privileged to have some amazing guest artists over the next couple of months

First up: Julien Brunier, an old friend of the studio coming over for a 3 day spot gracing us with his colourful, traditional style

Fast forward to September and we’ve got the wonderful Alex Keh with us, his Japanese style tattoos are outta this world and his neo-traditional style is to die for 😉

Then in October we’ve got the talented Alexandra back with us again for another coveted guest spot 😉 We still get requests for her even though she doesn’t always work here so it’s a rare opportunity to slip in on her bookings. Black and grey realism and soft shading are her wheelhouses!

And finally we have Theo Raych coming over to finish off this special couple of months with his graphic and illustrative black and grey style

For all bookings and enquires please either visit the CONTACT option at the top of the page or email directly to

Hope to hear from you all soon!

HTP Crew xx