Maryland and Bedford meet in this lovely combination of piercers, with almost 15 years experience between them there is no piercing these guys can’t achieve they pride themselves on their quick and efficient technique, and of course hygiene is at the top of their priorities.

We use only titanium shafts for all piercings. All of our titanium jewellery is either internally threaded or threadless. Internally threaded body jewellery has the advantage of being more comfortable and soothing to the piercing. Because they are devoid of threads, they are less likely to irritate or cause abrasions to piercings. It is also usually better quality and has a better surface finish. Externally threaded body jewellery, on the other hand, run the risk of scarring piercings especially during periods of sustained movement.

With threadless jewellery, the removable end has a small insertion pin, which is then inserted into the shaft & bent, the curvature between the insertion pin and the inside of the shaft creates spring tension, holding the end securely in place. This is similar to a captive bead ring, where the natural spring tension of the metal holds the bead in place.

Image result for threadless jewellery

(above is an example of threadless jewellery)

We also have an in house anodiser so we can make your jewellery any colour of the rainbow (except black or red), free of charge! If you choose to change the colour of the jewellery we will need an additional 15 minutes in order to re-sterilise the piece. We use a STATIM G4 Autoclave to sterilise any custom pieces.

We can customise your piercing any way you like, ranging from life-time guaranteed (against defects) 18k gold options with the highest quality synthetic gemstones & opals available to simple titanium labrets. Please visit the studio or visit instagram.com/louisexvxpiercer/ or instagram.com/piercedbyemma/ to check out our range of jewellery and enquire about prices for those 🙂

We are appointment only for piercings, for any queries please DM one of our piercers on instagram: @piercedbyemma or @louisexvxpiercer, call us on +44(0)7707085195 or use the CONTACT section, thank you.

*Please note that in Camden you must be 16 or over to get a piercing. You must bring valid photo government issued ID (passport, driving licence, NO photos of ID) no matter how old you are!