Based in the heart of Camden town, our little shop prides itself on beautiful custom made tattoos and piercings. Our ethos is to make our customers feel comfortable and to enjoy the experience of getting tattooed or pierced, and we’ll always endeavour to make our customers feel at home and give them just what they want.

We also know people aren’t born with the knowledge of what’s tattoo-able and what’s not so we’ll always take the time to explain what can and can’t be done and what we can do to accommodate our customers’ wishes.

Our premises is fully licensed, ultra hygienic, and has the friendliest tattooists, piercers and receptionists you’ll ever find! 😉

And just in case you’re Italian/English/American/Argentinian, and feel like hanging out with your fellow-compadres, you know where to find us! 🙂


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