Here is what you need to know about piercings and tattoos



How much is it?

We provide a large selection of jewellery to pierce with, ranging from plain titanium to 18k Gold, and the prices for each piercing will vary depending on the jewellery choice you make! We do have an in-house anodiser which can change the metal colour of any piece of jewellery that we stock to any colour of the rainbow (except black)! That is a service that is included in the price of the piercing. Please contact us for prices of specific piercings.

What is your jewellery made of?

All of our titanium jewellery is 6Al-4VEli ASTM:F-136 with Mill Certificates available on request. We also have solid 14k & 18k gold options (18k from ANATOMETAL). Everything is either internally threaded or thread-less jewellery.

All jewellery posts (the part that goes in your body) will be titanium. The attachments/tops (the part you can see) will be either titanium or gold.

How long will it take?

Unfortunately as piercing is not an exact science it is difficult to tell you how long it will take! As we operate piercing services on a walk in basis, it is first come, first serve so we can’t always guarantee you get seen in time if you are in a hurry. Please be aware before arriving that if you choose a customisable option (a colour other than silver or a fancy piece of jewellery) we will require a minimum of 15 mins before doing the piercing as we sterilise everything (other than plain titanium) on request. You can always speak to our piercers over instagram and arrange your jewellery choices with them beforehand to minimise your wait time 🙂

Do you have an age restriction/Do I need to bring ID?

We do! Our main age restriction on piercings is 16 or over and you must bring government issued ID with you on the day (such as a passport or driving licence, NO PHOTOS OR PHOTOCOPIES WILL BE ACCEPTED). For nipples, microdermals & surface piercings our age restriction is 18 or over. We operate under the same rules as Challenge 25 in order to protect ourselves so please do not be offended if we ask for ID, you should be happy you look so young 😉

Is the piercing performed with a needle or a gun?

We will ONLY pierce with you with a needle 🙂 there is no benefit to being pierced with a gun, the pain level is the same and it takes only slightly longer as we need to insert the jewellery. And our piercers will keep you happy and chatty the whole time!

Can I bring my own jewellery?

Nope! We will ONLY pierce with jewellery provided by our studio as we cannot verify the quality of any jewellery you bring in yourselves. Like we mentioned before we have a large selection to choose from in the studio and you can always speak directly to our piercers over instagram to ask them for suggestions/discuss options and prices!

Do you have a female piercer?

Yes! Both our piercers are female and super friendly 🙂

Do you provide aftercare?

Yes! We will provide you with an aftercare instruction sheet at the time of piercing & we can provide a spray bottle of saline solution in the studio for £5. We do ask that you DO NOT make the solution yourselves. We have discovered that most of the time people do not get the proportions correct or they have used a cup or mug with residue on it meaning that is not pure, it is easier to just buy a pre-made solution and use that, even if you don’t get it from us!

How many piercings can I get at a time?

Aren’t you eager?! We will do a maximum of 3-4 piercings on one person at a time, and for cartilage piercings, only on one ear at a time (you need a side to sleep on!).

Do you do any intimate piercings?

Sorry, not at the moment 🙂

Do you offer piercing removal/reopening?

Yes! We offer a removal service for £3 for any standard piercing. For microdermals we charge £5. For re-opening we charge £5 + prices of each jewellery piece for 3 piercings and under, for 4 piercings or over we charge £10 + the prices of each jewellery piece. We would always let you know that if we can’t re-open then we will re-pierce for you but you would then need to pay the full piercing price. We always try our best to re-open old piercings though as it causes less trauma to the area 🙂

Do you sell any fake jewellery?

Nope sorry! We only sell the real stuff 😉

Can my friend come & hold my hand? Can I bring my kid/dog?

Honestly it all depends on the day! The best thing to do is to call ahead if you’d like to bring a friend in, and it would be a maximum of one extra person in the room as it’s not that big in there! For kids/dogs we are happy to have them in the studio but there would need to be someone who can wait in the reception area to look after them, we love kids and dogs but can’t be held responsible for them 😉

If you have any other questions that weren’t answered here please ask by writing to us at info@helltopaytattoos.co.uk or give us a call on 07707085195, we will be happy to help.




Do you only take appointments or can you do walk ins as well?

We are both a walk in and appointment based studio, most days we will have walk in availability for small pieces, as we try to spread our appointments in order to accommodate walk ins. However if you know what you are getting is a bit bigger (over 10cm) or very detailed it would be best to book in advance to avoid disappointment.

How do I get a quote and make an appointment?

So in order to get an accurate quote for you we will need a few things: a brief description of the piece, the approximate size (inches/cm), the placement on the body & reference photos for the style. We will then speak to the artist we feel would be best for it (or you can specify an artist as well) and get you a quote. You can then decide whether or not to book in & if you decide you’d like to go ahead with it we will require a deposit to be paid via PayPal or cash in the studio (there are no other ways!). You can also decide to risk it as a walk in but just know that we cannot guarantee there will be space for you if you go that route.

Can I have a consultation with the artist before booking?

For most pieces we don’t require a consultation 🙂 If it is a large piece, or a cover-up it will be very likely that you’d need a consultation before we can do anything for you, however if you email us with the information mentioned above then we can speak with the artists and decide if a consultation is needed. We hold them every day (keeping in mind the artists scheduled work days) at either 11:15am or 6pm.

Can I bring a friend?

It all depends on the artist and the day. Some artists do prefer to work on a one-on-one basis with their clients so they do not allow friends in the room, other artists are more comfortable having other people around so then they would allow one or two friends in the room, again it all depends! If you are really wanting to bring someone with you please either call ahead of your appointment or mention it when booking and we can let you know at that time.

Do you do single needle/white ink tattoos?

We will always try our best to do tattoos that are going to age well. From experience we see that these kinds of tattoos do not heal or age very well so we will not do them. White ink tattoos in particular only work if you are incredibly pale as they mostly heal to your skin tone and generally just look like a scar. We do use white ink but only for highlights.

Can you tattoo my hands or face?

Unfortunately we do not tattoo hands/fingers/neck/face unless you are already heavily tattooed, this is our shop policy. Please do let us know where else on the body you would like to make the tattoo and we can then give you an idea of how much it would cost.

Do you charge by design or by the hour?

We do have an hourly charge, you can contact us directly for this 🙂 however we do try not to charge hourly unless it’s a very large or ongoing piece, if you follow the steps under ‘How do I get a quote and make an appointment?’ we can get you a price based on the design or let you know if it will be an hourly charge.

Do you do temporary tattoos?

Sorry, no! We only do the real deal 😉

If you have any other questions that weren’t answered here please ask by writing to us at info@helltopaytattoos .co.uk or give us a call on 07707085195, we will be happy to help!