We are super excited to have 2 amazing artists with us in the month of May!

PEDRO SANTOS will be guesting between 29th April and the 1st May, a master at old school traditional work all the way from Portugal, check out his work at https://www.instagram.com/pedrosantostattooer/

To book in please go to CONTACT at the top of the page or email info@helltopaytattoos.com

We have the fabulously talented KLAUDIA coming to stay with us between 4th to the 14th May from beautiful Poland, We highly advise to book in with her in advance as she’s in high demand! Check her colourful work out at https://www.instagram.com/klaudia.tatuaz/

To book in please go to CONTACT at the top of the page in info@helltopaytattoos.com


Hope to see your pretty faces soon 😉

Hell to Pay Crew xx




Ladies and Gets,
We can’t believe this is our first post for 2017… lots of things happened and are still happening but the most exciting news at the moment is that the very talented Zsuzsi (Susie) from Hungary will be visiting us from 24th March till 2nd of April.

If this goes well she would like to be our regular guest artist so we hope she gets to work on lots of you beautiful people.

She specializes in mandala, dotwork, water colour, feminine, geometric and colorful  but of course she’s a thorough professional and can do anything on advance requests.

Please check her stunning work out on her instagram site (I’m sure you will like it just as much as we do): https://www.instagram.com/rebelsketchtattoo/

To book in with her just go to “contact” and let us know what, where and what sort of size you want to have and your availability and we will get back to you with more details regarding your booking.

Thank you xxx